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Evaluation Scale

     There are many aspects which influence the value of a secondhand device.  These are some of the categories used to

    buy and sell items:

Graphic Spiral


  • Overall mint condition.

  • Sealed and unused in it's original packaging or box. 

  • Or box opened, but unused.

  • All accessories are included.

Audio speaker


  • Excellent general condition and working as it was when it was new. 

  • The unit may have fine scratches and scuffs which could be expected from fair wear and tear.

  • Possibility of minor dents or indentations.

  • No deep scratches or marks

  • No cracked plastics, missing cosmetic items or trim

  • Possibility of very slight wear marks on the track pad and keyboard

  • May have an asset sticker removed.

  • Screen may have slight pressure marks, but no dead pixels or dark patches

  • All passwords and personal accounts removed.

  • Mechanically perfectly sound.



  • Some cosmetic imperfections.

  • Fully functional condition but have noticeable cosmetic defects which includes dents, scratches, chips or other imperfections. 

  • May have deep and clearly visible scratches on the chassis casing.

  •  Screen may have a single pressure mark and/or up to 10 dead pixels.

  • May have shiny keys or track-pad and clear signs of keyboard use.

  • The battery life is not guaranteed, but the laptop, will hold a charge.

  • May have had asset stickers removed.

  • No missing parts.  

  • Mechanically perfectly sound.

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