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About TechKinect




What is the biggest difference between us and the other guys?  The difference between average and exceptional!

Since inception of TechKinect we understood the importance of providing our customers with reliable and affordable laptops.  We know that it's about more than just owning a quality product, it is about what that product helps you achieve.

We set out to meet the following:

  • Enable all our customers to have access to affordable technology without sacrificing quality and performance.

  • Selecting products are carefully tested to ensure that they meet our strict quality standards.

  • Empowering as many South African's as possible with trustworthy and budget-friendly technology. 


  • Encouraging pride in your beautiful, purchase which in turn inspires you to excel!  Whether you are an entrepreneur, trader, student or professional, you deserve value for your money. 

  • We also believe in long-term partnerships, and our quality control measures ensure an exceptional experience.

Let us help you find the perfect laptop or device to meet your needs!

Our Promise to You

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